Air Guns vs Airsoft Guns

This will be a quick post outlining some of the key differences between air guns and airsoft guns.

Air guns otherwise known as pellet guns are extremely accurate and powerful.  They carry capabilities to kill small game animals such as squirrels and rabbits with as little as a single shot. Since they are high powered rifles they require proper safety and handling techniques.

Air rifles can shoot up to velocities in the range of 1000 – 1200 FPS and pellet pistols usually fire at about 300 – 400 FPS.  Air rifles come in different calibers including the  .177, .20, .22, and .25. The caliber and powerplant are an important deciding factor in determining the best pellet gun for you.

Int terms of price, air guns run in the $150 to $600 range. Certain powerplants will cost more such as pre-charged pneumatic air rifles which tend to be more expensive.  The primary ammo for a air gun are pellets which come in lead and alloy materials. Gamo produces their own pellets which they call PBA standing for Performance Ballistic Arrow.

As a result of their low accuracy, airsoft guns otherwise known as BB guns are often used for backyard shooting and fun. You can also organize a game of airsoft with BB guns. Airsoft guns come in all shapes and size including both airsoft pistols and airsoft rifles. While you’re more likely to find airsoft pistols and more air rifles than vice versa there is still a good selection of both air pistols and airsoft rifles.

An airsoft gun on average will have a velocity ranging from 300 – 500 feet per second. Airsoft guns can be powered through spring, multi-pump pnematic and CO2 powerplants.

In terms of price, they are relatively cheap with most airsoft guns being under the $100 pricepoint. In terms of ammo, it is also rather affordable and comes in both plastic and steel varieties.

One of the great aspects of airsoft and air guns are if you wish to have the best of both worlds you can always pick up a dual ammo gun. Dual ammo guns are guns that shoot both airsoft BB’s and pellets.

That is a basic overview of the differences and similarties between air guns and airsoft guns.

How To Organize An Airsoft Team That Will Dominate

Do you have an airsoft team? Do you ever play airsoft in team? If you answered yes to either of these
questions, it will be worth while for you to learn how an airsoft team is generally Organized and what
each specific persons job is. This article will give explain how to Organize your team and dominate the
playing field.


How To Organize Your Team

A common way to Organize a team is to have a Squad Leader, Fire Team Leaders, and Riflemen. Here is an example of how a 9 man team might be Organized: A Squad Leader, 2 Fire Team Leaders, and 6 Riflemen. Each Fire Team leader would have 3 Rifleman

The Squad Leader

Your squad leader should have a lot of experience and knowledge. The squad leader’s objective is to lead his team to victory. The squad leader will be constantly in contact with his two fire team leaders. Because he must communicate with his fire team leaders so often, it’s a good idea for the squad leader
and the fire team leaders to have radios.

The Fire Team Leader

This is how things usually go. The squad leader will give the fire team leader a command and then the fire team leader will direct the men in his charge to complete the command he received. You will
hardly ever see a fire team get split up. They are a unified team who’s goal is to fullfill the orders of their squad leader. Fire team leaders also need airsoft experience and knowledge, but not as much as
the squad leader.

The Rifleman

If it is your first time joining a team or you are new to airsoft, you are for sure going to be a rifleman. Even if you have been playing airsoft for a very long time, you may still be a rifleman. It is the rifleman’s job to listen and obey his squad leader and fire team leader. To be a good rifleman, you need to be able to take commands and criticism from your leaders because they will likely know a lot more about airsoft then you.

Without an Organized airsoft team, your chances of winning a game are severely hindered. But with a team that is unified, you will be able dominate at airsoft.

Airsoft Tactics And Strategy Basics

Do you want to dominate on the airsoft field? If you do, you will need to learn airsoft tactics and strategies.  This will be an introduction to strategies and tactics you can use in airsoft.  Even if you are an experienced airsoft, this article will be a helpful reminder of some basic tactics.image

Cover Fire

Something you may already be aware of is cover fire.  Cover fire is the act of laying down a hail of BBs so that you teammates can move to a different position.  Whether your teammates are advancing or retreating, you will find yourself needing to lay down cover fire a lot in the game of airsoft.


You will not be able to play airsoft effectively unless you communicate with your teammates.  There are primarily three ways to communicate with your teammates.  A common and effective way is with radio transmissions. If your entire team is using it, radio transmission can be very effective because it is stealthy and communicates to all of your teammates what is happening.  Probably the best way to communicate is with hand signals because they are silent and  you can quickly communicate what you want.  The disadvantage of hand signals is the fact that you will need to learn and memorize them before the game.  Hand signals are the way many experienced airsoft players communicate.  The simplest way to communicate is verbally. Even though it is simple, you should try to avoid it because you may give your position or plans away when you talk out loud.


When playing airsoft, it is a good idea to stay on the move.  If you stay in one spot, the chances of you being flanked and shot greatly increases. Instead, you need to try to move and flank your opponent.

If are you are going to stay in one spot, you should be in a position where you will for sure see your opponents before they see you.  If you can’t find a position like that, your better off staying on the move.

Be Patient

In airsoft, you don’t want to rush.  If you are lucky enough to have a great position and shot, don’t rush it.  If you don’t take your time to be accurate, you just wasted your shot.  You want to wait till you are most likely to make your shot. However, you don’t want to wait so long that your opponents see you and shoot you first.

Always be safe:

1. Unless you are in a game that is going, never point your gun at somebody.
2. Never look down the barrel of your gun (I hope this is obvious).
3. Never shoot your airsoft gun in a public place.  You should never bring your gun into a public place in the first place.
4. You shouldn’t shoot your gun if there is not a magazine inside it.  Also, don’t think that because there isn’t a mag in your gun, you are okay to shoot it.  There could be a BB stuck inside, and your gun might shoot without a magazine.
5. That last point brings me to this point.  Act as if your gun is always loaded.
6. Always make sure that your gun is out of reach of chlidren.
7. Probably the most important rule when playing airsoft is to always wear eye protection.