Daisy Powerline 880 Pellet Rifle Kit Review

The Daisy Powerline 880 bb and pellet rifle is one that appeals to young shooters. Some air gun enthusiasts even go to the extent to suggest it is one of the best youth air rifles on the market. It surely is one that makes for a great gift on Christmas, birthdays, or for any other … Read more

Mrod! Benjamin Marauder Review [Tight Groupings Come Easy]

A gun this well-built and priced so economically is a rare sight in the world of air rifles. The Benjamin marauder air rifle has been a best seller ever since the first model with wood stock was launched. Colloquially known as “Mrod” among enthusiasts, the marauder is a leading PCP air rifle with great accuracy … Read more

Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle Review

Easy to use, easy to store, and very little maintenance – These features, when clubbed with accuracy, make the Benjamin 392 an exceptional performer. Contemplating over facts that it is a .22 caliber multi pump pneumatic rifle, suitable for small game hunting and target shooting; its simple design with the timeless performance and dependable accuracy … Read more

Crosman Optimus Air Rifle Review

To get on with some serious shooting, the Crosman Optimus seems to be the weapon of choice. It is powerful with supersonic muzzle velocity and looks like a serious shooter with the hardwood ambidextrous stock. Tactical Airsoft Magazine’s Steave Keary explores this rifle in this review of the Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle. [quick_offer] … Read more

Gamo Hornet Air Rifle Review

In this week’s edition, Tactical Airsoft Magazine brings a product review of the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle. [quick_offer] [wpsm_specification] Caliber: .177 Velocity: 1200 FPS with alloy pellets (1000 FPS with Lead pellets) Weight: 6.1 lbs Length: 43.3″ Barrel Length: 18″ Trigger Pull: 3.74 lbs Cocking Effort: 30 lbs Trigger: Two Adjustable Trigger Safety: Manual Cocking … Read more

Airsoft Tactics and Strategy Basics

Do you want to dominate on the airsoft field? If you do, you will need to learn airsoft tactics and strategies. This will be an introduction to strategies and tactics you can use in airsoft. Even if you are an experienced airsoft, this article will be a helpful reminder of some basic tactics. Cover Fire … Read more

How to Organize an Airsoft Team That Will Dominate

Do you have an airsoft team? Do you ever play airsoft in team? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it will be worth while for you to learn how an airsoft team is generally organized and what each specific persons job is. This way, you can learn the positions and take the  … Read more

Gamo Big Cat 1250 Air Rifle Review

[quick_offer] The true hunter’s rifle, Gamo Big Cat 1250 offers a superb speed of 1250 fps. The rifle has an all-weather synthetic stock, a bull barrel, and a raised cheek-piece on both sides. It offers precise and accurate shots with a rifled barrel and a 4×32 scope and mount. What makes the gun unique is … Read more